Hi, Everyone! I'm Hailey.

I’m a full-time, independent, multi-media artist living in Orlando, Florida.


I’m able to pursue my passion for sculpting, painting, building, and content creation every single day by bringing to life the pieces you see here!


I can honestly say I’ve always been a creator.  Even as a child, I spent my time drawing, painting and dreaming up elaborate projects for my beloved toy collection. 


As a SoCal native, I’ve been lucky to visit Disneyland regularly, and fell in love with the three-dimensional artistry of the park and its rides.  The window displays on Main Street were always my favorite! When props and other collectables weren’t available for purchase, I took it upon myself to bring these cherished characters and accessories to life. With the creation of just one poison apple, a new path for my life emerged.


My hope is that you get the same amount of  joy out of my pieces as I got creating them! You can view my collection of work here, through Instagram, TikTok, or my  YouTube channel, where I release tutorials, behind the scenes, and LiveStreams of the creation process. (If you’ve followed along with one of my tutorials, feel free to send me photos/videos of your finished pieces - I’d love the opportunity to share your work with fellow creatives!)


With Love, HH








My name is Meila. Despite what the boys say, I’m the real alpha of the pack. I had a hard start to life until my mom took me in and I learned that not all humans are bad. She gave me confidence to be myself and come out of my shell. I love being the seeker when my mom plays hide and seek with me and my brothers and my favorite food is Japanese sweet potato and rice!

The name’s Haddox, Jack Haddox. I’ve been taking care of my mom, Hailey since I was a pup. I’ve helped her move across the country and have even used my secret agent skills to sneak into movie theaters with her. She’s my person and I’m her dog. After a long day of work, I am happiest on the couch next to my mom with a bone to chew or laying with my sister Meila on one of our beds.

I’m Harry! I arrived at the House of Haddox in February, 2020 after a stint on the streets. I was skeptical at first, but my new people gave me lots of toys to play with which made me very happy. My favorite game to play is fetch, with one of my many rainbow-colored balls! I protect the house and alert the humans when I sense a disturbance in the force. Every new day is my favorite day!